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Emacs For Beginners


The article provides overview of facts why Emacs is so different but also so powerful comparing to other editors. It gives a good starting point for the reader to understand the fundamentals and start own journey to effective work.

The way of learning is painful, but rewarding. The essense of Emacs is to codify your specific repetitive tasks so that eventually you realize, the editor contains a lot of customizations speeding up your daily routines, as no other editor does.

I do the following things in Emacs:

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Use LLM to automate Amazon purchase categorization


Used Mistral-7b LLM to map my Amazon purchases to my home ledger accounts.

It worked surprisingly well!

Definitely worth integrating into accounting automation routines.

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Run Large Language Model on your PC in 5 minutes

Run Large Language Model on your PC in 5 minutes For the summary I used model whisper to extract text from audio of this video and asked mistral to summarize it. echo "this is a transcript of the video. Summarize this\n $(cat subtitles.txt)" | ollama run gemma:7b So, here you go, output from mistral 7b: The speaker explains how to download, install, and set up LLMA, and then demonstrates how to use it to run a specific model called “mistrial” with a pirate-themed prompt.
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Ansible Use Cases

While Ansible is a great tool for certain use cases, such as building new AMIs when used with Packer, it has some downsides. These become apparent when using it for container orchestration (which I have witnessed at scale) or keeping the configuration of a set of nodes in sync. Another significant, though not dramatic, downside is related to Python version and dependency management. This adds extra complexity that I would prefer to avoid in a system management tool.
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Compliance as a Code

Recently, I stumbled upon a concept that sounded new to me: Compliance as a Code. The core idea is to “embed compliance policies into the code that can be repeated and tested automatically.” But what does it mean in practice? For example, consider PCI DSS, which requires measures to secure credit card information to ensure compliance. Tools like Terraform, Ansible, and others should contain the code for encryption, access control, and data obfuscation.
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Palettro - VSCode like command palette in any macOS application

Short video with overview of Palettro, small utility that brings VSCode like navigation to any macOS application to boost your productivity.

Use LLM to retrieve data from MySQL database

Very simplified about the AI revolution happening now. We are only at its very beginning. Next, automation and integration among different AIs will increase, leading to more and more complex tasks. There are still many problems, such as - training a truly large model, and making it accessible for general use is still very expensive and very energy-consuming. It is still not very clear what to do with regulations, because it works both ways, making it significantly easier to assemble some kind of bomb at home.
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SRE Simplified - Error Budget

SRE Simplified : Error Budget concept. The concept of Error Budget is useful for setting up alerts of different severity. This video explains in extremely simplified manner how it works.

SRE Simplified - Service Level Agreement

The next issue of SRE Simplified is about Service Level Agreement. Service Level Agreement is an agreement between service supplier and a customer about what the target quality of the service is and what are the consequences if the promise is broken. But the challenge here is to eastablish monitoring and alerting. This video provides very simplified example of an SLA for the company that produces apples. Document Title

SRE Simplified - Introduction

What are the SRE concepts, like Service Level Agreement and Reliability? The challenge is to explain it in simplified manner, without deep discussions on different monitoring strategies. In this first video I tried to just to scratch the surface.