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Wireguard VPN Overview

WireGuard is very new protocol. Greatly simplified and faster comparing to alternatives, it uses UDP as primary transport and encapsulates encrypted traffic from IP layer. Some of the differences help it to stand out of other VPN solutions: Routing as a part of Peer configuration QR code for simplified configuration using camera on mobile devices. iPhone, iPad and other things, you'll love it! Site-to-site or client-to-server connections are not very different from the configuration perspective Supports DNS as part of configuration for Peer Easy to implement routing for all traffic or for only for selected networks I was able to connect Mikrotik, FrtizBox 6690, macos, iPad and iPhone using WireGuard with little efforts.
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How to suppress alerts in Prometheus for non-working hours

When it comes to the topic how Prometheus and Alertmanager work together and how to restrict alert notification to fire only on working hours, typicall solution is to apply workaround to avaluated alert rule expession like this and ON() (hour() < 19 and hour() > 8) and ON() (day_of_week() > 0 and day_of_week() < 6) The full example of such rule is the following - alert: DummyWorkhoursAlert expr: 1 and ON() (hour() < 19 and hour() > 8) and ON() (day_of_week() > 0 and day_of_week() < 6) for: 5m annotations: identifier: "{{ $labels.
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Blogging using Emacs with org-mode and Hugo

I use org-mode extensively with org-roam for keeping my knowledge and journals together and working as my brain dump destination. This blog serves kinda the same purpose, so why not to combine these things under Emacs umbrella? Blogging from Emacs boils down to two options. TLDR; Hugo can render org file natively, but support of features is quite limited, or use org as source that rendered to markdown. The latter brings issues of content syncing from origin to end result.
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Install Ruby 3.1.4 on macOS

In case ruby can’t find OpenSSL 3 headers, use this way. brew install ruby-install ruby-install ruby 3.1.4 -- --with-openssl-dir=$(brew --prefix openssl)

CloudFlare Tunnel Terraform

How to provision CloudFlare tunnel using Terraform CloudFlare Tunnel can be useful to use reliable alternative to ngrok when you need to expose your application running locally to the outside world. The following example exposes my application locally running on port 3000 to the Internet on the hostname Prerequisites Terraform CloudFlare module v4 CloudFlare API key with Account:Tunnel permissions. Locally installed CloudFlare CLI utility cloudflared Application running locally on port 3000 How does it work?
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Mikrotik Terraform

It is in general very good idea to manage infra configuration as a code. Unfortunately, Mirkotik terrafrom support is basic, as OSS driven. Nevertheless, I appreciate author for effors. Here is an example how to use it with Hashicorp Vault. Commands export VAULT_ADDR=http://vault_address:8200 export VAULT_TOKEN=<token> terraform init terraform plan Example provider "vault" {} data "vault_generic_secret" "main" { path = "common/mikrotik/nexus-home" } provider "mikrotik" { host =["address"] # Or set MIKROTIK_HOST environment variable username = data.
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Group Greeting

There are lots of options to greet collegue or close ones with cards. This one was recommended by one of the coworkers. Group Greeting Cards

The things impressed me recently


Impressive things and points of interest

Self-Improvement - mental self-healing of issues from the Past

Technologies assessment - K8s is not only one option for container orchestration. Looks good! - Remote access management from Hashicorp - WebAssembly Game engine targeting browsers - New Sony VR2 headset.

Technology adoption Docker buildkit and it’s advanced caching techniques.

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Why is IT support so hard

As the IT support business we want to keep our users happy, they need to use the software with no interruptions. Though the share of the incidents in the tickets is still 30% no matter what. So why is IT support is so hard these days? Why do we still have the incidents despite all the progress IT industry did so far? Long story short this is because of the software complexity, that causes incidents and security issues.
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Things I Learned

Things I Learned Git push with force from the command line git push --force origin master git push -f origin master git push origin +master Make your git life a bit easier git config --global push.autoSetupRemote true Check DNS from the inside of docker container This is super useful when you don’t have neither dig nor nslookup utilities inside your docker container. getent hosts